Did you feel it?

citizens contribute to earthquake science by David J Wald

Publisher: Earthquake Hazards Program, U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, CO

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Statement[written by David J. Wald and James W. Dewey]
SeriesFact sheet -- 2005-3016, Fact sheet (Geological Survey (U.S.)) -- 2005-3016
ContributionsDewey, James W, Earthquake Hazards Program (Geological Survey), Geological Survey (U.S.)
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Did You Feel It. Annual Data Viewer - new interactive map with a layer for each year. U.S. Cumulative Responses — Click on image to view hi-resolution PDF (12MB) Global Cumulative Responses —   Did you feel it? book the aftershocks are going to become less frequent as we get further and further away from Tuesday's earthquake.

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If the earthquake just happened a few minutes ago, you may have arrived at the Web page before our system has finished locating the earthquake and updating the Web pages. If this is so, please fill out an unknown event questionnaire and check back in a few minutes to see if your event.

Place to provide information about ground shaking associated with significant earthquakes. A questionnaire to let us know what you felt following an earthquake in. It is a truly amazing and inspiring book, it is one that will move you to tears and make you feel for him.

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Pleasure plus excitement: a very powerful pairing of emotions. Why "Did You Feel It?" In regions with few earthquakes and, hence, few seismic instruments, which includes most of the United States and most of the world, large numbers of intensity observations for a small to moderate event can indicate which areas will be more prone to shaking in the less frequent larger g: book.

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